Leading Philippine Broadcaster, Target of Duterte’s Ire, Forced Off the Air

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Hit K-Drama ‘Flower Crew: Dating Agency’ Premieres on ABS-CBN in January

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Religious apps with sinful permissions requests are more common than you think

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MANILA — A leading media network in the Philippines was forced off the air on Tuesday, making it the first major broadcaster to have met such a fate during the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte, which is cracking down on news outlets that have been critical of his leadership. In the service of the Filipino. Now signing off. Its offerings also include coverage of popular sports such as basketball and boxing.

Critics of Mr. Duterte say he has attacked media outlets that have closely documented his brutal war against drug dealers and users that has left thousands of people dead. ABS-CBN, along with the Filipino online news site Rappler , have been at the forefront of such coverage, which has helped prompt international rebuke.

VERA FILES FACT CHECK: Jay Sonza shares fake ‘ABS-CBN’ post on GCQ guideline for senior citizens

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For now, Cayetano said there’s no reason for the network to change how it reports the news, saying the issues raised against ABS-CBN date.

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Kyle Echarri gets ‘yes’ from Francine Diaz on ABS-CBN Ball proposal

Cayetano said he will wait for cooler heads to prevail before he even asks the House Committee on Legislative Franchises to start discussions on whether or not the media giant should be given another 25 years to broadcast news and content. The lawmaker said the chamber would not tackle such bills in the next couple of weeks running up to the March 30 expiry of the network’s existing franchise. He added that discussions may start when Congress resumes sessions in May after their summer break, and at worst, by end-July after President Rodrigo Duterte’s annual State of the Nation Address.

Pero hanggang March a y pwede silang mag -operate eh [Why am I saying this is not urgent? Don’t get me wrong, this is very important.

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Cayetano says Congress too busy to tackle ABS-CBN franchise renewal

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Wendy Griffith of CBN: Christian Singles Discussion

The clarification was announced in connection with a provision under Executive Order No. Social media monitoring tool CrowdTangle shows that posts carrying the fake report on the GCQ guideline first made rounds online without the Breaking News card on May 3. As of May 5, CrowdTangle has recorded 45 FB posts by private netizens, pages, and public groups sharing or republishing the fake report, garnering an accumulated total of over 7, interactions.

The National Telecommunications Commission said earlier this year that it would grant ABS-CBN provisional authority allowing it to operate while awaiting the renewal of its franchise. Official Gazette, Executive Order No.

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So many occassions I could have done it but something always came up. But YES! While he was sure about having Diaz as his date to the ball, Echarri admitted the timing was not on his side even if he wanted to do the proposal earlier. Echarri surprised the actress with a song at her place in Cavite, according to an Instagram post of their management Cornerstone Entertainment. Thank you for serenading me, I never thought someone would do that for me but you did.

You make me happy. Call We use cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. By continuing, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. To find out more, please click this link. Celebrities and Showbiz. By: Krissy Aguilar – Reporter. Photo from kyleecharri on Instagram. View this post on Instagram.

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