IBM hits new quantum computing milestone

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Connectidy is transforming the dating industry with Tone Analyzer

Watson thinks I’m boisterous; he’d like to get to know you better, too. You may remember him from “Jeopardy! To be fair, even super champion Jennings doesn’t have four terabytes of disk storage available for trivia competitions. Watson was designed to solve big, complex problems in medicine and science. His first commercial application was a project for lung cancer patient care decisions at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.

Today, IBM reports that 90 percent of the nurses who consult Watson follow his guidance on treatment.

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By Hayley Yudelman 2 minute read May 10, Like Print. With a market of more than million singles in the United States, the online dating industry has grown substantially over the past few years. Usage of dating applications by year olds has increased nearly threefold since While some people have met their soul mates on dating applications, most people struggle with constant mismatching, bad choices and incompatibilities.

The platform enables users to make better choices and build stronger relationships with potential mates that are formed by data-driven emotional intelligence instead of just intuition. This technology allows the users to receive a tone check on their outbound messages to make sure they area relaying their intended emotional and social cues. What was the motivation behind the development of your product?

How did you envision impacting your audience? We envisioned impacting our audience by presenting a whole new way to create a relationship through presenting a true self, one that is determined through means that cannot be gamed and providing the ability for all users to be automatically verified. Today, with IBM Watson, and our own technology, we are able to artfully blend Artificial Intelligence with big data to provide solutions to fundamental relationship problems that have plagued people for centuries.

Love in the time of predictive analytics

IBM on Thursday announced it’s reached a new quantum computing milestone, hitting its highest Quantum Volume to date. What a quantum computer is, and why it needs to be more. It would be the harbinger of an entirely new medium of calculation, harnessing the powers of subatomic particles to obliterate the barriers of time in solving incalculable problems. Read More. Quantum Volume is a metric that determines how powerful a quantum computer is.

It measures the length and complexity of quantum circuits, the building blocks of quantum applications.

With the plethora of dating websites out there–OKCupid, Match, eHarmony, and even some more niche sites like FarmersOnly or.

Businesses use predictive modeling software to determine what their customers will want before their patrons even know it. In fact, online dating websites employ the same kind of predictive modeling tools that Netflix uses to suggest a movie to you. However, they’re suggesting people that could end up having a big impact on your life. So, if you’re still single this Valentine’s Day, the odds that you’ll use an online dating app to look for love on Feb.

In fact, Time noted online messaging between users on JDate spikes to percent on Feb. Looking for the one Finding someone you match with is all well and good, however, online dating continues to battle a stigma. Do the relationships made over the Internet really last? While this all depends on the couple, predictive analytics can certainly nudge people in the right direction. Take IBM’s big data and analytics solution for eHarmony, a paid dating site that promotes itself over the others as one that helps its users find long-lasting relationships.

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This timeline of online dating services also includes broader events related to technology-assisted dating not just online dating. Where there are similar services, only major ones or “the first of its kind” are listed. Classifieds made a comeback in America in the s and s, encouraged by the era’s inclination toward individualism and social exhibitionism. It was very important to be ‘self-aware.

Download Citation | Stanford, the IBM , and the First Trials of Computer Date Matching | In , two Stanford undergraduate electrical.

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According to IBM Security, more than 60 percent of mobile dating apps are For more, see PCMag’s lineup of The Best Online Dating Sites.

System was the world’s first family of computers with compatible software and hardware. August 12, IBM invents the experimental It was eventually found that Williams, a part-Native American and member of the Cheyenne River Sioux tribe, had traded his land to the tribe two decades earlier to avoid paying property taxes, and thus his sale of excavation rights to the Black Hills had been invalid. Dennard invented DRAM memory. Nowadays, storage devices have been so advanced and you can store data into a thumb drive size storage.

So, today, celebrate this day by learning more about the history of a computer especially the IBM PC and you will be surprised how it came to life. The new IBM PC could not only process information faster than those earlier machines but it could hook up to the home TV set, play games, process text and harbor more words than a fat cookbook. I have seen in a couple of places, the date April 24,

ibm pc date

We execute as fast as possible without being reckless. We bring our years of experience to the table, which means we have opinions. When you have questions, we’ll provide that insight on how best to make it happen, and not just leave everything up to you and your team. If you’re about to go down the wrong path, we’ll provide the guidance, experience, and confidence that you need to make the right choices for your project.

Let’s get started today. Your business is unique.

Dating services Tinder and Match said they are in the clear following a dire warning by tech giant IBM about security risks it discovered in.

One IBM beta partner — a soon-to-launch online dating site based on relationship science — is already putting some of these capabilities to the test, with the aim of helping its users craft that perfect introduction message in hopes of scoring a date. It can rate your text on how it conveys a wide set of emotions such as joy, disgust, fear, sadness, or cheerful. It also gives feedback on what social propensities are conveyed — are you sounding open and agreeable, or conscientious?

The tool analyzes text at the sentence level. So when IBM learned that he was working on an online dating site that was going to use algorithms to help people make connections, it was a perfect opportunity to put Tone Analyzer to the test. This is to help you get that first level of communication right. It serves a similar purpose to the Tone Analyzer, but is meant to help users understand the underlying emotion of written content from others.

It goes beyond the typical sentiment analysis that might be part of your social media analytics package, distinguishing a broader range of emotions beyond positive or negative. Developers also have a new Expressive Text to Speech tool that aims to make those interactive voice response IVR systems more dynamic.

Dating apps could get you hacked this Valentine’s Day

With the plethora of dating websites out there—OKCupid, Match, eHarmony, and even some more niche sites like FarmersOnly or Geek2Geek—you may think that the idea of having a computer match you up with a date developed in tandem with the internet age. Not so. At least since the s, computer programmers have been working on algorithms to match people up.

The site home page. The largest IBM i-related educational and collaboration conference, bringing the community Date: September 10, | Learn More.

By Cheyenne Macdonald For Dailymail. A virtual matchmaker is looking to make online dating a lot less superficial. On many dating sites, users have a tendency to misrepresent their own personalities. Scroll down for video. Connectidy puts the focus on emotional intelligence, analysing everything from writing style to personality traits for each user. To create personality profiles, Watson pulls information from major social media sites including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Users will also be prompted to answer open-ended questions. These algorithms update constantly, working off of user feedback and new data to make improvements. If a user answers questions thoroughly, profiles will be 90 percent accurate or better, the website claims. And, once a match has been made, the service acts as a go-between to make sure each person is truly sending the message they wish to convey — no miscommunication, or awkward exchanges.

Connectidy is powered by IBM Watson, which pulls information from major social media sites, and logs user answers to open-ended questions. These include: extroversion, openness, contentiousness, emotional range, and agreeableness. Matches are generated based on these ‘true personality’ profiles, rather than superficial preferences. Using a Tone Analyzer powered by Watson, the user will see suggestions regarding their word choices, and possible improvements to avoid awkward exchanges and miscommunication.

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Tinder is also becoming increasingly popular across African continent. But as the number of dating applications and registered users grow, so does their attractiveness to potential attackers. So how do businesses educate their staff on the potential risks and mobile security best practices to utilise the applications safely. With over dating sites in South Africa and even more spanning across Africa, the potential for information to get into the wrong hands through an innocent romantic encounter, is real.

Some of them make it possible for hackers to collect valuable personal information about you. Even though certain applications employ privacy measures, IBM found that many are vulnerable to attacks, which can permit attackers to:.

computing milestone, hitting its highest Quantum Volume to date. Using a ​qubit client-deployed system, IBM achieved a Quantum Volume.

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