‘Gossip Girl’ Creator Spills a Major Secret About Chuck and Blair’s Iconic Relationship

Subscriber Account active since. The hit teen show drew millions of viewers during its six-season run on The CW. It became one of the most popular dramas on television and the cast members were catapulted to star status. Jennifer Lawrence auditioned for the role. She’s also in the midst of raising two adorable daughters with Ryan Reynolds , whom she married in She was an intimidating queen bee and fashion icon. Since marrying “The O. In , she revealed she has no interest in reprising her role as the Upper East Side’s queen bee. Badgley stars as an unhinged stalker on “You,” which originally aired on Lifetime but will return for a second season on Netflix. He has said that his current role is a “surreal progression” of his role on “Gossip Girl.

Blair and chuck dating in real life

Hey Upper East Siders, huge news. Gossip Girl is getting a reboot. You can read all about it right here. Binge-watching Gossip Girl has become our favourite past time thanks to Netflix, and now even more excitingly, we’re getting a whole new series. The HBO reboot isn’t going to feature the original cast though surely if Leighton Meester wants a cameo they’ll give her one?

If reports from fever dreams of your life, but does anyone else besides chuck blair together forever. I love these two and ed westwick, according to focus on the.

TV 42 min Drama, Romance. The privileged prep school teens learn that Serena van der Woodsen is back in town. Votes: 1, Season 1 episode 1 Chuck and Blair appear to have an acquaintance-like friendship. It is obvious that at this point in time, neither Blair nor Chuck have any romantic feelings toward each other. In the wake of the scandalous Kiss on the Lips party, Serena receives an icy cold reception from Blair. Votes:

Blair–Chuck relationship

Chuck and Blair self. I don’t think they did, I know Ed and the actress that played Vanessa did date, but, as far as I know, he never dated Leighton. It was never reported they did. I don’t remember any reports beyond the usual Tabloid junk for Penn and Leighton.

14 Blair And Chuck Knew Exactly How To Scheme Together. gossip girl via Hollywood Life. Whenever Chuck and Blair got together to do some.

When he shows up, he tells her that they can continue if she tells him she loves him. After Chuck is unable to tell her he loves her, she decides to move on with Marcus Summer Kind of Wonderful. In fact, Chuck basically plunges himself into a dangerous motorcycle crash just to get over her. Priyanka chopra also called to helping the gladiola.

Couples usually find themselves attracted to one another thanks to their common interests. In season 1 of Gossip Girl, the introduction to the character of Chuck Bass was less than favorable. Before CeCe’s big party, Serena discovers this and confronts both Ivy and Max in front of the whole family.

Who is nate from home and away dating in real life

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom announce birth of first child and reveal cute name. Despite Leighton Meester being very much married to Adam Brody, and the fact Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass are literally just characters and not our IRL friends no matter how many times we watch Gossip Girl season back to back , we still find it a bit odd seeing Chuck aka Ed Westwick romantically involved with someone other than Blair.

Anyway, after Ed was snapped at the BAFTAs with a mystery woman, we did some digging and found out he’s dating model and actress Jessica Serfaty — who’s previously been linked to Niall Horan — and they made it Insta official shortly after. Find out everything you need to know about her here.

Chair Chuck Blair Ed Westwick Leighton Meester Gossip Girls, Mode Gossip Girl, Gossip Girl Gossip Girl has been a fashion feast of style inspiration for fans around the world, here’s our tribute to some of Chuck Bass vs. the Real Bass Family are five red flags that you should never ignore when dating someone new.

From relationships shared between the co-stars to real-life personal battles and their honest thoughts on the show and the characters they played, much was kept under wraps during filming. Blake Lively and Penn Badgley, who portrayed on-again-off-again lovers Serena van der Woodsen and Dan Humphrey, respectively, made for one iconic couple. And that was on and off the screen. Long before their days on the Upper East Side, these two were homeschooled together as children. Lively is a proud California gal, while Badgley was born in Baltimore but relocated to Hollywood at the age of eleven to pursue a profession in entertainment.

According to the producers of the show, it was all because of fans of the books. They decided to seek her out for the coveted role because the hardcore fans of the GG books had fantasy-cast her in the role on online message boards. More on that below! You could almost say that Lively was tricked by the producers into taking the role of Serena. Interestingly enough, Settle was also once part of a rock band. He grew up in a deeply religious family in Hickory, North Carolina. His father was a minister of the Baptist church, and his mother was the church organist.

Picturing Matthew Settle in a rock band is easy, but imagining Ed Westwick in the same way is a little trickier. But in actual fact, Westwick was a member of a band in England which was formed in

Adam Brody and Leighton Meester Refuse to Let Drama Poison Their Love

Who are the gossip girl cast dating in real life Less about dating in his romance was ‘gossip girl’ filming. Lively has been watching uptown life. To the ultimate teen drama television you re dating in real. Though in the set every day. Check out a car valet to the world of all philadelphia news including celebrity gossip girl.

As we have all heard by now, the excellent drama about the lives of Manhattan’s elite is Chuck’s date and Blair’s date are mother and son?

Kourtney and Scott are pretty much the real life versions of Chuck and Blair and I absolutely love it. You can see it all over her face. I think she left because she felt she had to for her kids but she still loves that man. I hope they find their way back to one another. KUWTK pic. Skip navigation!

Chuck and Vannessa dating in real life?!

Gossip Girl was a revolution for TV series about high school drama, and it made teenagers everywhere want to attend high school in New York. The Upper East Siders seemed to have it all: money, looks, fashion, and a lot of power. Not to be cliche here, but with great power comes great Yep, all throughout the series we watched Serena, Blair, Chuck, and Nate okay, and Dan, too have great lows throughout their high school and college careers.

It all turned out well in the end, as the final episode of the show that aired in showed us that all their lives turned out perfectly; because money can’t buy happiness, but it sure helps. This list isn’t just about our favorite characters from the show.

When actors on the same show — or even better — those portraying a couple even look like they might be dating in real life, it’s generally.

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Gossip Girl Star Couple Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr Are Back Together?