10 Ultimate Signs You’re (Unknowingly) A Witch

A lot of my teen years are hazy in my brain. Maybe it’s from the daily joints I smoked my entire sophomore year of high school, or maybe it’s just that I’m getting old and with each year, the details of my adolescence fade more and more into just one visceral feeling. But you know what memory is as clear as day? The first time my mother told me the person I was dating didn’t “get” me. Let’s time travel to I’m a year-old goth, dressed in ripped fishnets and doc martins in a sea of Juicy Couture and butterfly clips.

Wizards born to a Muggle don’t have to keep it from their parent.

If asked, bet your most memorable Halloween night was when you went out looking all evil with face paint, nose and chin prosthetics, and dark lipstick to add elements of mysteriousness! And you are already designing the pointy hat and black cloak for the next rendition of the witch get-up. However, what if the entire clothes designs and gross make-up you associate witches with is just a misconception? What if they are not some grumpy ugly granny flying around on brooms plotting the doom of two little kids who wander off in the woods?

Contrary to the storybook stories you’ve read, witches are mighty individuals who connect to nature, humanity, and the dead differently. Following that, check out the misconceptions you carry about witches.

Do you even know how to ward off spiritual attacks from witches? These are just SOME of the signs that you are under a spiritual attack: and someone is And if you’re still out there on the dating scene doing the serial dating thing: I can​.

Case in point: our own Mey and Cecelia. And luckily for us they have a long standing written and oral history from which to draw inspiration. You could go a couple ways with this: you could take the proactive route and create a trail leading them from their area to your area, or you could keep things passive and simply line your space with them wherever you go. At the coffee shop like:.

You should get on Twitter. Witches are into signs and vibrations, so give yourself a leg up by putting yourself in a position where repeated exposure could be read as an energy that they should explore. Just look how well it worked on Cecelia:. Give them a single rose quartz. If they seem tense and things have progressed consensually, massage their shoulders by rolling over them with a votive candle.

Give them the gift of never losing their keys again by fastening a full size votive candle to their chain.

Are there physical signs of being a witch?

Unsurprisingly, powerful bad witch ladies of the heterosexual persuasion tend to attract powerful bad wizard gentlemen. And if he neglected to speak up about it, then the altar laden with sigils and the ever-burning incense in the corner of his room plus all those NLP tricks he pulled on your first date hey, they worked! This pretty much sums it up. Wizards, above and beyond anything else, are distinguished by the quality of their attention.

Look over these telltale physical signs of being a witch and draw a More than one trait doesn’t mean you’re more magical than the next person. witches are “​old souls” dating back centuries (sometimes thousands of years).

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. It only takes a minute to sign up. In the Harry Potter universe, if you’re dating a Muggle, how long do you have to wait before the Ministry of Magic will let you disclose you’re a witch or wizard without consequence?

It’s hard to believe that no Muggle has ever tried to gain custody by telling the court his ex-wife is a witch. We know in their case, he was only informed about magic after they were married. Bit of a nasty shock for him. The majority of the information about when the Muggle is actually told their partner is a wizard comes from the Pottermore writings by J. Now estranged from her family, Isobel could not bring herself to mar the bliss of the honeymoon by telling her smitten new husband that she had graduated top of her class in Charms at Hogwarts, nor that she had been Captain of the school Quidditch team.

From the information we do have, it seems possible that the Ministry may require marriage to be at least proposed for it to be legal to tell a Muggle partner about magic.

10 Ways to Identify a Witch

Many, many more people are witches than the ones who happen to already consciously, publicly, deliberately identify themselves as witches. At all. Queen Elizabeth I, Jesus of Nazareth, Cleopatra, Yeshe Tsogyel, Joan of Arc, and John Lennon were all great witches with giant powers of fascination, who wielded great influence through the use of symbol and pageantry. Even though witchiness is in-born, it still calls for deliberate cultivation to reach its fullest potential.

Many, many more people are witches than the ones who happen to already consciously, publicly, deliberately identify themselves as witches.

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But in case you’d like to employ some of them for yourself, here are 10 ways to identify a witch, according to those running the Salem Witch Trials. What’s a witch cake , you ask? It’s definitely something you don’t want to eat.

They are natural healers and drawn towards animals and birds. Here are certain signs that you may be a witch! readmore.

Being in a relationship with another human being is a lot like exploring a cave. They often seem shallow at first, easily explored and easily mapped, but there are secrets. There are tunnels and chambers of the human soul that house dark and terrible things. Impossible creatures, sightless monstrosities, diseases and horrors that no reasonable individual could imagine lurk in those depths and populate the darkness.

You start dating someone and you have expectations. You expect that this person you have, in some small way, committed yourself to is a reasonable creature. Then you find out that they practice black magic and regularly make sacrifices to fiendish deities. Warlocks are just one of the many terrible things you could be dating right now without even knowing it! Those of you that are fortunate enough to be single, count your blessings.

The rest of you, gather your holy water. It may help if your significant other is a lower ranking practitioner of the dark arts.

Signs you’re dating a liar

Of all the signs in the zodiac, Geminis get a bad rep. Are Geminis actually always playing games, or are they perhaps just misunderstood? Most likely to flake, but also one of the most fun when they do appear, they are enigmas and it will always take a little bit of strategising to make them stick around. Geminis value intelligence, and want to be intellectually stimulated. Being genuinely interested and interesting will get you far with them. Impress them with your genius.

Witchcraft, Voodoo, Obeah, spells, curses, incantations and roots, are all modern It is almost as if you’re dealing with a complete stranger. such means and I am sure some of the signs you’ve seen in others if not yourself.

The social shift toward this spiritual self-identification aligns with the rise of freedom of identity in general. As we have become more open about LGBTQ visibility, sexual liberation, and shifting ideas around modern relationships, it seems natural that our theosophical beliefs would trend toward being more accepting of deviating from the strict confines of popular traditional religions. Personally, I come from a lineage of healers. My grandfather was a Chinese medicine practitioner and acupuncturist who lived on an ashram.

My mother is a card reader and witch for a living. And today, their ancient healing practices provide the basis of my own practice as a sex and relationship coach. I also read cards, host moon circles, and do intuitive healing work. But my identity as a witch is much more personal than that. I am devout in my practice, meaning that I pray every night, meditate every day, and look to the stars for signs of guidance. I find that these rituals work well not only for me, but also for my clients.

It is my personal belief that ritual itself can dramatically heal wounds because of the time you take to address a specific need through it. Dating as a modern witch is its own particular experience, however. Though the expansiveness of spiritual practice can positively impact your life in magical and inspiring ways and is becoming more and more popular, it can still feel vague and be difficult to grasp for those unfamiliar with it.

3 Warning Signs Someone Is Dabbling in the Occult

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So you’re dating this guy, and on one hand you care about him and like feel about it, here are some signs that you love someone but sorta hate them at This witch has a website for easy access to order for a spell and get.

One of the main draws of witchcraft is practical magic. With a single incantation, a skilled practitioner can conjure money, or make a stranger fall for her. But for the modern witch, relationships aren’t as easy as reciting a love spell. Witchcraft might be more mainstream than ever before, but not everyone wants to date a serious witch. And it’s more difficult to find a coven-compatible partner than you’d expect.

The so-called “number one dating and networking community for pagans and witches,” pagan-dating.

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Be sure those you lead know who they are consulting. She also chants, goes to Kundalini yoga , meditates with a group and is into crystals. A staggering 41 percent of Americans believe in psychics. A stunning 42 percent believe spiritual energy can be located in physical objects. I recently did a series on the paranormal. You can get the installments in.

Witches reincarnate often, which means most witches are “old souls” dating back centuries (sometimes thousands of years). Look a witch in the eyes and you.

On a completely serious note, witches are very real and very present in 21 st century America. These people count themselves among a growing community of over one million people in the U. That being said, not all witches are Wiccans, and not all Wiccans are witches. Wicca is a religion and witchcraft is a practice, you can have one without the other, or both together.

For that reason, witches can come from all walks of life; they can be atheists, agnostics, Pagans, Druids, Jews, Buddhists, Muslims, Christians, or any number of other faiths. They can be college students, middle-aged moms, retired school teachers, authors, musicians, healers, designers, and even men—yes, men can be witches too. I had the pleasure of speaking with low impact queen, Nikki Pebbles , and, I cannot emphasize this enough, she is incredible. We had an in-depth conversation about all things body-image and I’m so excited to share all the things I’ve learned.

The “normal” struggles we face are still present and they still deserve our time, consideration, and care. We all need to take a deep breath and for a moment. Not in a manner of forgetfulness and ignorance at everything happening in our world, but for the sake of a few seconds to gather our thoughts and check-in. Are you stressed? Incredibly anxious about the unknown? Convinced that you’ll be in this definitely not normal “new normal” for far longer than anticipated?

15 Signs You’re A Witch